Traveling while Black can be Inundating and Emotionally Purging

Costa Rica: Sensory Overload

     Costa Rica, a developing country that got rid of its military to instead focus its finances on a universal healthcare and education program, you know the things that really matter. Not a surprise they consistently rank top in the global happiness index. Once again, the plane ticket price confirmed my attendance when IContinue reading Costa Rica: Sensory Overload

Cartagena: The Juxtaposition

     Cartagena, Cartagena, Cartagena. The quickest I ever fell in love with a travel destination. I want to say this is mainly because the people there are so remarkable. Despite getting my passport stolen (which is a whole other blog post), I honestly & truly didn’t have 1 bad experience in Cartagena. I seeContinue reading Cartagena: The Juxtaposition

Thailand for The 25th!

      At our annual Line Christmas party, I tell my sands my plans to travel the world. My sands Ari tells me she plans to visit Thailand in March with another one of our sorors, I jokingly said “not without me.” In a playful manner but was very serious as Thailand was definitelyContinue reading Thailand for The 25th!