Bali Experience Tour

Bali is a province in Indonesia located east of Java and west of Lombok, and is approximately 8 degrees south of the equator. Bali has recently become one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Bali is famous for a very high value-for-money-ratio, which allows traveler to enjoy and afford the wonder of this island, regardless of their budget. 

Bali is the rare place that is both deeply spiritual and insanely fun. Whatever your age or interest, whether you are traveling with your loved ones or alone, you are certain to find mental and physical satisfaction. Even during a short visit, you can let loose, stay fit, and explore the cultural and traditional roots of the island. In fact, with so many affordable options to offer, the only hard work in Bali is deciding what to do next.

Join us on an epic adventure as we visit multiple destinations across Bali. Experience amazing culture, explore majestic temples, splash around in waterfalls, visit an active volcano, wander through rice fields, discover idyllic islands and sip cocktails on white sandy beaches. Shop the markets, bathe in natural hot springs, hand feed wild monkeys, indulge in delicious food, ATV/Quad treks, snorkel in the crystal clear sea & lose yourself in the wild night life Bali has to offer!

$350 is all you need to secure your spot and cover your entire cost of the Airbnb. Plane ticket will be purchased on your own and group activities will be paid for based on your budget. You can choose to join us in all activities or pick and choose only certain activities based on your interest and budget. Activity costs will be guided by Wanderlust Revolution but will essentially be purchased on your own. $350 is the only obligatory cost for this trip.

Experience Agreement Document:

Airbnb Link:


Bali Experience Tour Deposit

This deposit is non-refundable and covers the entire cost of the Airbnb for the duration of the trip as well as secures your spot on the trip. Please sign the experience travel agreement before making your deposit.


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