Passport Support Giveaway Winner!


Kennedy Stone is a 21 year old student at Central Michigan University studying mechanical engineering. 

     I know that often times being a person of color from an inner city can be a limiting factor on the opportunities life puts in front of you. I am a first generation high school graduate and a first generation college attendee. At Central, I am studying mechanical engineering technology and once I graduate I plan to go into prosthetics. While I understand the privilege being in college affords me, it is not without its own struggles. I am currently in debt from student loans and being at a predominately white institution has affected my mental health, but I am still here. I may graduate a year later than “norm” but I will graduate.  
       My mother has helped me with what she can and is very proud of me but she recently got her GED and went back to school. Needless to say my money situation is tight. I recently moved off campus and bought a used car all on my own. I am slowly making a way for myself in the world and gaining independence. In the few months I have been more autonomous. I have realized the importance of said independence. Being able to go where I want, when I want, and revel in the fact that my dedication got me there has been astonishing. 
       However, I know that life is nothing but the connections one makes and the lives we touch. While I have gone far on my own, I am not ashamed for asking for help, and I need help to go further.  My power-trip would be to apply for an international engineering internship in Singapore, one of the worlds leading engineering powerhouses. Being an Afro-latinx female engineer in the middle of a corn field has made me very aware that there is more to life than what’s between 6 mile and W. Outer Drive. With a passport I could gain a broader perspective of international relations and cultures different from mine. With a passport there is one less boundary in my way, one less thing that could possibly prohibit my growth not only as an engineer but as a human. 

Congratulations Kennedy on being selected as our FIRST Passport Support Recipient!

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